Carry-On Essentials for long flights



With the holidays fast approaching many people will be traveling. Whether you are visiting India to see your family or heading for your much awaited relaxing vacation to some place fancy we all have to go through the miserable long flights. Even for the most seasoned travellers, long-haul flights can be a torture. I won’t consider myself a jet setter but, I have traveled enough to realize little bit of overhead planning and good carry-on with all the essentials can make you feel bit more comfortable on that painful flight.

Since I am going to be traveling in just two weeks for our vacation, I decided to list out some of my favorite carry-on essentials that keep me entertained, hydrated, and looking my best as soon as I step off the plane. What are your must have carry-on items while traveling? I would love to know your must haves and any traveling tips.


  1. Fresh facial Cleanser to cleanup before landing- $15
  2. Jose Maran Argan oil  to keep your skin, hair and cuticles hydrated – $48
  3. Rosebud salve lip balm  for those constantly drying chapped lips – $6
  4. Blanket Scarf from here , for those unexpected temperature variations- $148
  5. My go-to bar to replace a meal Pro-bar , in lieu of blah in-flight meals – $5
  6. Elizabeth and James rollerball perfume to feel fresh just with a dab- $22
  7. beats headphones in powder pink to catch up on your favorite music- $79
  8. Altoids mint  for fresh breath- $5.99
  9. Bliss high intensity hand cream – $9
  10. Vince perforated leather slip-ons – $195
  11. Women’s camp socks , addition to #4 – $16.50
  12. A shopper bag from Zara to lug around – $60
  13. Equate nasal spray for drying nose, I tend to suffer with this a lot – $3
  14. To quickly fix your mane, Sephora pop-up travel brush – $7
  15. Looking forward to reading this , I am one of those who still like to read from a book- $16.50



image via @iamtracychow

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