Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for your kids.


With the amount of Halloween posts we are having on the blog this month, it is quite evident how excited I am about the holiday. One of my most favorite things for this holiday is, waiting for the cute little trick or treaters in our neighborhood. It really amazes me to see their costumes and the creativity of their busy parents is quite impressive. That said, I have at least five of my friends who haven’t decided on what to dress their little ones for this halloween yet. Though last minute planning is no fun, it is something all of us can’t escape at some point or the other. If you are one of those who is still searching for a good last minute idea,  these costume inspirations will surely fool everyone into thinking you’ve spent weeks working on the perfect creation. 

granny-costume-670x446[ Little Red Riding hood’s Granny ]- image via make-it-love-it

il_fullxfull.275507359[ Miss little Holly Golightly out for Breakfast at Tiffanys ] image via minipiccolini  

DIY-minion-halloween-costume[ Despicable Me Minions] image via Onecreativehousewife

diy_lab_rat_costume                                                                           [ Cutest Lab rat ever ] via costumeworks

animal-costumes-05[ Bright little Snail ] via ohhappyday

Harry_Potter_Baby_Costume[Harry Potter ] via tiaandtamara

d4bcea56c4f5241259ecd13f6cc2a3d4[ Freda Kahlo] via ohhappyday

26a90e9ad52d0d63cf5a112c4e7876c8[old man from UP] via google images

albert_einstein[ Baby Albert Einstein] via costumeworks

twister_tornado[ Twister Tornado]  via costumeworks

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