DIY – Embellished Hair Ties



I wear my hair up in a ponytail most days in a week, considering my early morning commute it is hard to style my hair than just tie up in a ponytail. I love to dress it up a bit, so it doesn’t always look casual. I have been wearing these multitude hair ties from Anthropologie for more than a year and love them.But, sometimes it’s hard to find your favorite colors and details in the stores. So, we decided to make our own this weekend and can’t believe how easy they are. Along with some bead sliders we bought for this project, we also recycled a old broken locket from a necklace and a missing earring to the hair ties. They turned out great and here is how we did it.

Items needed: Elastic Hair Ties, Beads, Rhinestones or any broken old earring or pendants, Fevicryl or Crazy Glue.

Step 1: Remove the knot on the band, apply glue on the centre of the band. Stick the embellishment.

Step 2: Let it dry completely and re-do the knot.

Adds a fun twist to otherwise boring ponytail.

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