Diwali Diya Ideas



Diwali is just two days away, and I wanted to share three fun ways of diya decorations.All of them are super easy and can be be easily made at home just a day before with few craft supplies.

  • Bangles with Tea light candles
  • Hand painted candle holder
  • Hand painted store bought diyas

[All you need – Bangles not show in picture]


  • Bangles with Tea light candles  – Just add some glass bangles around a tea light holder, and there you have it a great center piece for your Diwali dinner spread. You can add glue to hold the bangles together.
  • Hand painted candle holder – I used a tinted glass paint and painted glass candle holders in two differnt colors. After it completely dried, using the gold dimensional paint, I added the designs similar to Mehendi designs. Drying  may take couple of hours.
  • Hand painted store bought diyas – This is the easiest way to add some colorful personal touches. Just buy some diyas and color to them with acrylic paints(my fav) as you wish.

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