DIY Rose Petal and Goat Milk Soap



While in middle school,I took a trip with my parents to Goa. One of the souvenirs we brought back was a handmade fish oil soap which came in the form of a fish, That idea really intrigued me. Ever since, I have been drawn to everything handmade. It’s a sweet process of finding the right ingredients and mixing things together in the ratios that you like. Few months ago, when we took a trip to Mendocino coast we stocked up on various organic soaps which came in fun flavors and they lasted most of the summer. This weekend when my sister made a visit to see me, both of us decided to make it a weekend project to make our own homemade soaps. This combination of rose and milk we chose turned out to be so lush and fresh with breathtaking rose aroma. I can’t wait to try some more combinations for winter, as they make awesome gifts for holiday season.

Soap -2

Things we Need:

  • Rose Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Soap molds
  • Vitamin E Capsules/oil
  • Dried rose petal
  • Soap Base


  • Melt soap base in microwave , Melt it for a minute check and melt it again for 30 secs. Make sure you don’t burn the base. Overheating may cause bubbles.
  • Mix all the ingredients stirring together. You may add your choice of ¬†food color if you desire.
  • Pour them into the molds and let them air dry for 2hours or until completely dry.

** All the oils can be replaced/skipped as you wish.


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